FutureSounds FM – Interview with Runners Club 95

Jan 9, 2022 | FutureSounds, FutureSounds FM, Interviews, Live Events, Music

So Fakeman has something pretty exciting to announce! Introducing to you all a joint venture between My Pet Flamingo, Patrick Fakeman and TimeSlave Recordings – FutureSounds FM. An eclectic, irreverent but sometimes deep dive into all things Vapor, Future Funk & Synthwave.

Each episode, with rotating hosts and guests, will not only bring you the artists playing the first ever Future Sounds event this coming Spring – But other great artists you love. And don’t forget – Clwb Fflamingo Members get early access to FutureSounds FM. Subscribe here: www.mypetflamingo.com

So. – Episode 1! – On the panel for this week:

Enzo Van Baelen

Patrick Fakeman

Thom Hosken

Thom caught up with Carl from Runners Club 95 ahead of the release of the No Sugar Added repress on MPF.

Catch the interview in full as they talk Warhammer, how to make music that sounds like an orange, and Carl reminisces about the Backstreet Boys.

If Spotify isn’t your jam, you can also find us on Apple Podcasts and Acast – Just search for FutureSounds FM. And don’t forget to pick up your tickets to the first FutureSounds event in London on March 26th 2022: www.future-sounds.co.uk

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have to return some videotapes

Podcast Edited by: Thom Hosken

Artwork by: Glenn Jones

Theme Tune: Donor Lens – She Said She Said She Said She Said (Miracle Lounge, My Pet Flamingo 2019)