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The Fakeman City Pop Sessions

Take some time to check out the Fakeman City Pop Sessions playlist. A beginners guide to the Japanese 80s pop music that you never knew existed. It’s funk, it’s soul, it’s synths. This stuff has it all..

The Fakeman Guide to a Decade of Synthwave

Sit back, relax and discover some Synthwave classics, handpicked for your consideration. Playlist won’t be updated.

Fakeman’s ’80s

Hit play on Fakeman’s pick of the ’80s. No Filler. Pure jams

Fakeman and Forever Synth

Join Fakeman on Riverside Radio’s Forever Synth show with Joe and Rob. We chat all things retro, synthwave and City Pop!

Fakeman Tapedeck Sessions

Catch up on the weekly Fakeman tapedeck live stream sessions. The very best Vaporwave, Future Funk and Chillwave. Your table has been reserved. Grab a drink and settle in…


Tapedeck Session #001


Tapedeck Session #002


Tapedeck Session #003